Software for drone services

Drone Mission Managment

Dronebase is a cloudbased Drone Mission Management software for various drone operations. Easily automate workflows of complex drone operations with Dronebase’s online software

Use our SaaS software for scheduling new missions, logs and an overview of planned flights .

Missions Planning

Stop making manual flight plans. Create flight plans easily and quickly with our online software.

✓ No fly zones
✓ Weather conditions
✓ Off-site checks
✓ Preflight checks

Control tower

Do you have multiple drone operators & drones? Take advantage of Dronebase’s business solutions and gain complete visibility into all flights of all employees.

✓ Clear overview
✓ Online On-site check
✓ Export on-site check in PDF
✓ Full control over scheduled flights

Checklists & Protocols

Use the off-site, pre-flight, and post-flight checklists to ensure safer airspace and compliance.

✓ Off-site
✓ Pre-flight
✓ Post-flight

Easily share documents and data with your team.

Operator apps

Scan the mission barcode, get mission details.

✓  Real-time weather conditions
✓ Preflight check
✓ Post-flight check
✓  Status updates

* Suitable for Drone Delivery + track & trace for the receiver.

Android is available 
IOS in development**

Online Marketplace

Our marketplace connects customers to Dronebase’s pilot network, allowing us to easily and quickly take orders throughout the Netherlands.

✓ No unnecessary travel expenses
✓ Fly local
✓ Always the right match
✓ Easily share the result with the customer

Real time insight

Give customers real-time visibility into job status. Dronebase keeps the customer informed of the status through the status order page and automatic emails.


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