Drone Delivery Software

Software for Drone Delivery

Dronebase is a Drone Mission Management software for various drone operations including drone delivery.

Our software is specifically designed for drone delivery companies who want to manage their flights and delivery drones for package delivery.

Operation Center

Dronebase’s online application offers dedicated dashboards for companies, operators and customers.

✓ Automate workflows
✓ Weather conditions
✓ Customer roles (admin, manager, pilot & customer)
✓ Checklists

Drone Delivery Missions

No more paperwork required. Plan and manage all your missions from 1 portal. Multiple customers? No problem! Create multiple customer accounts easily and quickly.

✓ Customer accounts
✓ Track & trace emails
✓ Shipping labels
✓ Keep customer informed with status updates

Control tower

Do you have multiple pilots & drones? Take advantage of Dronebase’s business solutions and gain full visibility into all drone flights of all employees.

✓ Clear overview
✓ Online Off-site check 
✓ Export off-site checks in PDF
✓ Full control over scheduled flights

Operator apps

Scan the mission barcode to retrieve the mission information.

✓ Real time weather conditions
✓ Preflight check
✓ Post-flight check
✓ Status updates

* Suitable for Drone Delivery + track & trace for the receiver.

Android is available
IOS in development**

Track & trace

Give the recipient insight into the flight from creation to successful delivery of the shipment.

✓ Track & trace emails
✓ Update statuses of shipments
✓ Track & trace portal in your own house style

Real time insight

Give customers real-time visibility into delivery status. Dronebase keeps the customer informed of the status through the track & page and automatic track & trace emails.

Track & trace emails

Keep your customers proactively informed about the status of their shipment.

✓ Automatic track & trace emails
✓ Emails in your own house style
✓ Track & trace links
✓ What3words

What3words integration

With the What3words integration in Dronebase, delivery companies can easily deliver to a three-word address. This is more user-friendly and easier to remember than coordinates, and allows companies to reach their customers faster and more efficiently. //useful.blurred.daytime


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