Where are you allowed to fly a drone?

You can use a drone for different purposes, and each user has a different reason for flying it. The tricky part is that you don’t always know where you can and can’t fly. Of course, you don’t want to get into trouble, especially considering that if you use a drone incorrectly, you can risk a large fine or even cause an accident.

To avoid that, in this blog we explain to you how to recognize where you are allowed to fly via a map, according to special colors. This will make it easier for you to follow the rules.

A handy tool - The no-fly zone map

There are many areas to fly in the Netherlands, making it not always easy to check what is allowed and what is prohibited. A modern and easy tool to find out is the so-called no-fly zone map. Here is an explanation of exactly what the colors on the map mean:

Red zones - forbidden to fly

So you are not allowed to fly your drone in these areas because they are no-fly zones. They are mainly located near airports, industrial areas or ports. Still flying a drone can create dangerous situations in these areas, as you may inconvenience air traffic or cause safety issues.

Yellow zones - Flying with restrictions allowed

These zones mean that there is an increased risk, and is therefore designated as low flying areas. So you have a risk of interfering with low-flying air traffic with your drone. For that reason, you are allowed to take off with a drone here, provided you have a person with you who can monitor other air traffic.

Green zones - Natura 2000 area

A green flight zone indicates a protected natural area in the Netherlands. These are also called the Natura 2000 areas.You may only fly and record with a drone here, if a special permit is given for it from the province. These permits are not given easily, which is why these types of areas remain a no-fly zone for most drone drivers.

Blue zones - Flying is not allowed here (temporarily)

Blue means a temporary no-fly zone, which indicate a flight report. This is an announcement of a flight coming in the future of other air traffic. You can think of aerial shots by a film producer. A piece of airspace is reserved for a short period, when this is over the area colors back to neutral and drone flying is allowed again.

Unmarked zones - Flying is allowed here

If no color is indicated on the map, this is an unmarked area. Here you may fly your drone undisturbed. Shooting without a special permit is also allowed here.

However, it is important to keep the general rules in mind: do not fly over groups of people and buildings, keep your drone a sufficient distance from people/public roads, and try not to take more risk than necessary. That way, you have fun with your drone, and everything goes safely.

Now should you want to know more about the no-fly zones, and your flying areas, here is a handy link to use if you want to check where you can and cannot fly a drone.